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Most business or startup books contain conflicting details. This curated ebook gathers everything a CEO or Founder needs to know on any given day.

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The Small Business Marketing Bible


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Why you need "The small business marketing bible"?

This is one of the best books on marketing incorporating insights gained from over twenty years of working, in the field, with real-life small businesses. The book offers a top-down format to help you first find your vision and then zoom in on what you need to realize it. The author advises you to embrace the Marketing Hourglass. This entails expanding the marketing funnel to turn new customers into advocates and referral partners.

It tells you your marketing efforts is a continuous process and you will need to live by the marketing calendar. This will require you to create monthly projects and themes, weekly action steps, and daily marketing appointments. If you’re looking for a book to help you explore marketing for your small business then this book should be in your reading list.

10,000+ Business Ownerss can't be wrong

I just loved the clarity and feel of the book. It resonated with my past as an interior designer working in the city alone

Clara Francis

The genius way in which David Frey sees everything differently. It's like he has the insight into the mind of a marketer.

Edgar Korn

As a designer, I am constantly on the lookout for something new. In this book I have found a new marketing way.

Henry Cough

Journal reviews


Simply brilliant and clear. What the author has to say about Marketing is both iconic and brand new

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